5m Small Measuring Tape suppliers

※ Our company
Tianjin Lion Tool & Measure Tools Co.,LTD founded in 1956. We are a professional corporation of tape measure manufacture . Company gathered a number of the country’s most powerful industry professionals and experts, Stainless steel oil gauging tape measure and nylon coated tape measure has been formation as leading product structure. Measurement precision deviation is up to national level one standard.
Company leading product is long steel tape measure which is 5m—1000m long. The main products of our corporation are engineering surveying tape measure, oil gauging tape measure, fiberglass tape measure,automatic retraction tape measure. Sales channel is in Surveying and mapping, hardware, ships, oil ,sports industry and so on. The stainless nylon coated technnology, nylon coated technnology,water dissolved resin painting technnology of more brightness and abrasion resistance,sliding bearing rolling system and antiswelling antilock crank system are all belong to domestic initiative.
Company products export to Southeast Asia ,numerous Europe and America country. nearly 1,000 customers,the product has won high praise from customers.
Lion company products are characterized by high precision, durable, comfortable,Provide measurement guarantee for users. To meet the measurement needs of users in different areas with different functional configuration.Strict marketing process and human services for customers to eliminate worries.
Lion company has passed the European MID certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, is a national-level high-tech enterprises, won the first prize of Tianjin quality research uotstanding achievements, the company production products won the title of Tianjin famous brand products.
The company sincerely welcomes the cooperation of domestic and foreign merchants, shares product quality, and shares development results.
※ Company concepts
Corporate product idea:Elaborate production of high quality products
Corporate work philosophy:Work with a professional approach
Corporate development concept:continue to innovate
Corporate service concept:Based on sincerity, let customers rest assured
Corporate team philosophy: Mutual trust, solidarity and mutual help
Corporate manufacturing concept:Attention to detail,Keep improving
Corporate market philosophy:Having what others do not have and being better than what others have
The standard is the law,rigorous is the law enforcement
Corporate employee philosophy:Employees are wealth ,Concern is the first duty
Corporate safety philosophy:Life is precious ,Safely is paramount

※ Company culture
Corporate mission: Let the world share together the quality of Chinese products
Corporate vision:To build China's high quality measuring tools enterprise groups,to share together the fruits of development
Corporate spirit:Constant Innovation,Continuous Improvement,Never Give up
Core values: Love and respect jobs, Willing to dedicate, Brave to bear, Harmonious development5m Small Measuring Tape suppliers