Spherical Mirrors high reliability

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1. Brief introduction
Laser gyro Optical Components are composed of various optical material, fused silicon, micro crystalline and precision N-BK7 for use in a variety of visible light applications. We advanced precision polishing and other optical equipment and large-caliber digital laser interferometer, 0.5 "self-collimation precision goniometer, 500 times optical microscope, and other high-precision detection equipment.
2. Performances

(1). Roughness: 0.2nm
(2). Surface Flatness: λ/20
(3). Dimension accuracy: 0.01mm
(4). Angle: 1μ
(5). Surface Quality: >10-5
(6). Curvature: 1m-6m

3. Applications
(1). Ring laser gyro
(2). Laser inertial industry
4. Packages
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